I’m speaking at a few events this year:

Wellington CSS Meetup
Working with legacy CSS: How we brought StarNow’s UI kicking and screaming into 2014
StarNow is an auditions and castings website for Actors, Models, and Musicians. It was started back in 2004, and when you looked at the code last year, you could tell. Tables for layout, style blocks and inline JavaScript galore. This talk is about my challenge in massaging the existing UI into a fast responsive design, without starting from scratch.

Wordcamp Welly
How I used WordPress to build a business and quit my day job
Toni owns and runs Beauty Bliss – an online makeup boutique. BB runs on WordPress with the WooCommerce plugin – this has enabled Toni to get the site up and running fast, so greater attention can be paid to building the business. During this talk Toni will outline how she got started with Beauty Bliss, the essential plugins and tools she uses, and some tips & tricks for people looking to start their own online store.

Writing better CSS