After 13 hours 45 minutes of flying, the hang-over finally wore off (thanks to all those who dragged me out to the karaoke) and we arrived in tropical but very damp Bangkok. Thirty degrees Celsius, extremely humid and there’s this weird sweet smell in the air which I can only guess is some from the native flora.

Driving into the city from the airport kinda felt like driving in any NZ city, lots of stuff is in English and most of the cars aren’t from a too different era. What stood out on the way in was the massive, wide, long roads and the insanely big billboards, one of which was easily 50 meters long.

Coming into Phuket reminded me of two things, Jurassic Park and Far Cry, and yes, I am a geek. Phuket is quite run down in a lot of places, a lot of places look abandoned. There are some of the same huge billboards but they’re mostly illegible and have plants growing all over them.

While the traffic seemed normal in Bangkok, it’s totally crazy here, people on scooters and motorbikes all over the show, Toni’s trying to get me on one of them, but yeah, we’ll see.
Anyhooo… we’re off to look at some shops and stuff

– Phil

Karon Sea Sands

Phil and his giant beer