1011, 2011

Dear London…

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A blog post. For our friends, family, and future selves.

London, it’s been a fabulous two years but it’s time to say goodbye. It’s not you, it’s us. And UK border control.

Truth be told, we’ve had a few opportunities to stay here longer but we’re looking forward to heading home. Our intention was always to return to New Zealand after our two year visas expired and it seems that time has flown by.

Living in London has allowed us to work at and visit some of the
coolest places in the Northen Hemisphere; squeezing in holidays
at every opportunity. Our travels have taken us to France, Italy,
Belgium, Greece, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, and to the USA.

We’ve climbed the Eiffel tower in Paris, eaten Pizza in Rome,
cruised the canals in Venice, strolled along the beach in Barcelona
and downed a few steins in Munich.

As web geeks, we’ve been in great company
over here and have been privileged to see
some of the people at the top of our fields
speak at conferences and networking
events. We’ll return to New Zealand with
fresh ideas & inspiration ready to immerse
ourselves into the Wellington web community.

The past two years have been a sad time to be away from
home. We were here during the Pike River disaster, the
Christchurch Earthquakes and the (then much needed) joy of the Rugby World Cup. We quickly found however, that the Kiwi community in London is strong – both in good times and bad. We attendend the memorial service for the victims of the Christchurch Earthquake, and participated in the famous Waitangi Day Circle Line pub crawl.

We’d like to thank some people for helping make our time in London so memorable. Firstly, to the people that immediately hired us: BBC Worldwide and Orbus, thank you. Without the support of our employers and colleagues we would have struggled to get ourselves settled. Thank you also to everyone that has hired us for freelance work.

Thank you to our amazing friends
who have downed many a pint
with us over the past 2 years.
Fiona, Jason T, Karl, Wen, Abby,
Annie, Jason V, Jono & Sandy. And
of course Steve who has been a
fantastic friend and flatmate.

Thank you London. Until next time,

1607, 2011

Flip, flip, Flipadelphia!

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Toni at the Swann Memorial Fountain

Rocky!Phil at the Swann Memorial Fountain


A Perfect Circle swag

1407, 2011

New York, New York!

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Phil and I had been considering a visit to New York for quite some time. When we heard that A Perfect Circle were reforming and going on tour we thought we’d found the perfect excuse. However, by the time we’d made the decision to go, tickets had already sold out. After having a bit of a cry, we decided our minds were made up and we were going to see them live anyway. Somehow.

We had a peek at Google Maps (neither Phil or myself were very good at Geography, thank goodness for teh interwebz) and realised that Philadelphia is actually quite close to NY – and APC tickets were still available! We managed to secure a ‘have our cake & eat it too’ trip including 4 nights in The Big Apple and 2 nights in Philly, much to the dismay of our credit card.

Like many of our blog posts, this is one written much later than the actual trip. It’s a sign that we’re having a fantastic time if we’re too busy to write, and this trip was no exception. Below are a collection of photographs that tell the story much better than my terrible writing ever could.

Toni + pizza

Times Square

Toni at the Statue of Liberty

Phil at Rockefeller Center

Man stopping to view a 9/11 memorial plaque

Toni at 30 Rock

Phil in Central Park

2506, 2011

Barcelona in Photos

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5737649126_773533391f_b IMG_0780


Barcelona OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA[/caption]

2005, 2011

Short notes from Prague, Czech Republic

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The following is a collection of notes made in my iPhone during our trip to Prague, April 2011.

Prague was our first stop on a whirlwind trip to Czech Republic, Italy and Spain. We knew we only had a small amount of time so tried to cram as much in as possible.

♥ The city is great for walking – although cobbled, the stone sizes are smaller than other places we’ve been which makes walking in jandals much easier.

♥ We didn’t really know what food was uniquely ‘czech’ but found roast duck, bread dumplings and of course beer to be popular options. Steve ate a chocolate covered chilli and Phil a trdelník.

Phil and Steve outsite Prague castle

A street in Prague

♥ Some of the larger, more unique buildings around town remain a mystery due to little English signage. I prefer it that way though- pretending a building is run by an evil fantasy-style overlord rather than it being home to an HSBC and a McDonalds.

♥ As the city is touristy there are souvenir shops aplenty. They stock the usual: I love Prague caps, tees and pencils. Prague certainly has it’s own craft identity though and it’s reflected in these stores- shelves of glass, crystal and pottery are common. My personal favorites are the marrionette puppets ranging from vintage dressed figures from history through to likenesses of current Czech football players.

♥ In all, a beautiful city with some amazing buildings.

Duck with potato dumplings

Statue in Old Town Square

1905, 2011

I love Venice

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The following is a collection of notes made in my iPhone during our trip to Venice, April 2011.

It’s natural to compare each new place you visit to those you’ve been in the past. Venice however, has me stumped as it’s nothing like anywhere I’ve ever been.

It’s not just the famous canals that make it feel so different, it’s the thin laneways that make up the city. It’s difficult to get truly lost here – each lane usually connects directly onto another and if there is an intersection, you usually only have 2 choices. That said, we did manage to find ourselves a few dead-ends.

Canal in Venice

A view of venice from above

♥ It feels somewhat like a theme park – pre-defined ares for exploring that are lined with stores. The buildings that you can’t enter in theme parks: maintenance, storage and the such, are actual peoples homes here with their freshly cleaned whites hanging on a line from their balcony on display.

♥ My curiosity at all the new foods got the better of me and I ate a bite of this green thing. It was disgusting.

♥ We took a 40 minute gondola ride – no trip to Venice is complete without one. Our driver offered the busier route or a more quiet one as the sun was going down and it was his last trip of the day. We opted for quieter option and were not disappointed. The interior of the gondola was quite plush – had the views up the thin canals not been so captivating I could have easily drifted off to sleep.



♥ It was as I admired the view from the top of the bell tower that I came to realise Venice is the most beautiful city I have ever seen. I don’t mind how touristy it has become.

♥ Someone Steve has spoken to described the buildings as being in a state of “graceful decay” – which I think it’s a beautifully accurate way to describe Venice.

Our Venice Photos | Steve’s Venice Photos

Toni in Venice

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