We’ve just spent a whirlwind 10 days in the ever-busy Tokyo, Japan. It’s been our first visit here and the country has lived up to our expectations with the busy capital city, friendly people, crazy-cute-weirdness, and the delicious food.

As with so many of our trips, we’re too busy to write about what’s going on. We’d much rather be out there doing things and making the most of the short time we have! There is always time for a few quick photos though (however blurry) so here a few highlights from our crazy fast time in Japan.



Tokyo is divided into precincts and each appears to have it’s own speciality. Shibuya was fantastic for food, Shinjuku for gaming and Karaoke, Akihabara for Electronics and Anime shopping. This Steve Jobs bobble head made me giggle – just one of the many ‘only in Japan’ kitschy things we came across.

Guest House
For 5 days in the middle of our stay, we were joined by our friends Chris & Erin who are 4 months in to a 169 day round-the-world trip. I know, crazy right!? They’re blogging about it here.

We left our Shinjuku hotel and went to stay with Chris & Erin at an Airbnb guesthouse a little off the beaten track in Hikawendai. Despite being a bit of a trek to the train station, it was really nice to be in our own place and also get a view into suburban life in Tokyo. We shopped at the local convenience store and watched young Japanese school children hobble down the road with their oversized backpacks on a Saturday morning.

The All-nighter
We managed to pull an all-nighter at a downtown 7-storey Kareoke establishment. Despite this being a terrible, terrible, blurry photo, I love it. It was taken at around 6am and captures perfectly the drunken blurry mess that was that crazy 24 hours in Tokyo.