All Blacks

Hey All!

We had an awesome time in Sydney last weekend, we went to to see the All Blacks smash Australia, and we got what we came for! Woo hoo!

It was the first All Blacks game I’ve seen live, and it was well worth it. It rained a small amount, but the atmosphere was fantastic. We got lucky with our accommodation and somehow managed to book ourselves into a hotel above Sydney’s All Blacks Supporters bar, and there where plenty of drinks to go around once we got back.

Sunday was a beautiful, clear, 25° day. It didn’t feel like winter at all! So we decided to have a look around the city. We spent most of the morning in Paddy’s Market in Chinatown, though we didn’t manage to find anything to buy. From there we jumped on the monorail and got off at Darling Harbour. We ate some Oysters, drank some Coronas, and generally relaxed.

We jumped on a water taxi which took us away from Darling Harbour, out and under Sydney Harbour bridge to ‘The Rocks’ and a restaurant call Peter Doyles, which had an amazing view of both the bridge and the Sydney Opera House. It was probably the most expensive fish and chips I’ve ever eaten, but it was still awesome.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Monorail

After everyone took an afternoon nap at the Hotel, we headed off into Chinatown for some food. With the memories of the awesome hot-pot meal we had in actual China, we tried to hunt one down. We stopped at a couple of places (and Anita managed to break their couch while getting out off it) and finally found a place. It was an experience. Not nearly as good as what we had in China, and virtually inedibley hot, but still worth it.

We got up at 5:30 Monday morning to catch our flight back, and I managed to get to work at the reasonable time of 1pm.

Overall it was a totally awesome experience, and I hope that once we get to London we’ll be able to see the All Blacks again!


Phil and Corona at Darling Harbour

"Hot Pot"

Toni outside Paddy's Market