The following is a collection of notes made in my iPhone during our trip to Prague, April 2011.

Prague was our first stop on a whirlwind trip to Czech Republic, Italy and Spain. We knew we only had a small amount of time so tried to cram as much in as possible.

♥ The city is great for walking – although cobbled, the stone sizes are smaller than other places we’ve been which makes walking in jandals much easier.

♥ We didn’t really know what food was uniquely ‘czech’ but found roast duck, bread dumplings and of course beer to be popular options. Steve ate a chocolate covered chilli and Phil a trdelník.

Phil and Steve outsite Prague castle

A street in Prague












♥ Some of the larger, more unique buildings around town remain a mystery due to little English signage. I prefer it that way though- pretending a building is run by an evil fantasy-style overlord rather than it being home to an HSBC and a McDonalds.

♥ As the city is touristy there are souvenir shops aplenty. They stock the usual: I love Prague caps, tees and pencils. Prague certainly has it’s own craft identity though and it’s reflected in these stores- shelves of glass, crystal and pottery are common. My personal favorites are the marrionette puppets ranging from vintage dressed figures from history through to likenesses of current Czech football players.

♥ In all, a beautiful city with some amazing buildings.

Duck with potato dumplings

Statue in Old Town Square