A typical conversation I’ve had on Patong beach:

Guy in a nice shirt: Hi
Phil: No
Guy: Where you from?
Phil: New Zealand
Guy: Oh! Kia ora!
Phil: Um, yeah, kia ora.
Guy: Want a nice suit?
Phil: No
Guy: I give you very good price
Phil: No

And so on and so on. It’s crazy how many tailors there are in this town, they’re pretty much next door to each other, all with a dressed up guy out front trying to pull in punters (I’m pretty sure they all read the same script too). It gets pretty tyring pretty quickly, and I’m getting very good at saying “No”. That aside I brought three tailored shirts and a pair of pants for $150 which isn’t too bad.

We’re going to a party thing tonight which will apparently will “Rock our asses off” which Toni uploaded an image for earlier. There’s U2, Metellica and a couple of other cover bands playing, $36 entry fee and two hours of free booze, so it should be interesting.

We went on a Safari thing today, rode on elephants, saw some monkeys, learnt how to make Thai curry paste, but I’ll let Toni fill you in on that, as she has some awesome pics.


Update: Here are the pics :)

View from the elephant ride

Toni next to an elepant crossing sign

Phil + friend

Toni with the baby elephants