Bird's Nest

Wow! The time’s flown by so quickly, it doesn’t really feel like we’ve been here 9 days! Though I am looking forward to coming home to clean air, food, bedding, clothes, etc. But not so much the temperature (8°C in Wellington today I see.)

We went to the gymnastics last night (apparatus finals for mens + womens floor, womens vault and pommel.) Those guys are amazing! I’m totally inspired to try and get back into gym again when we get back. I managed to get a pretty good seat, and took about 600 photos. I’d like to upload them now but Toni took the camera to more gym tonight. We’ll try and upload some tomorrow, or maybe later tonight.

We saw the last 30 minutes of the Womens Triathalon this morning, which was quite cool, pitty the Aussies won 2 medals though, and we only managed to get 8th.

On Saturday night we had a big night out drinking, shots are incredably cheap here so getting drunk was easy. We where lucky to find a Kiwi bar so we could watch NZ smash South Africa in the tri-nations, it made Super Saturday all that much more super.

I’d love to write more but I’m running out of minutes, hopefully we’ll be able to write one last post before we embark on our 21 hour journey tomorrow evening.