View from Mexican Border bridge

Last night we met with some people from our hostel in San Diego for what was supposed to be a pub crawl. We ended up going to a supermarket, buying alcohol and then hanging out in the this really dodgy garage at the back of another hostel. It actually ended up being a heap of fun and it was great to meet some new people.

Today (after getting over our hangovers) we went across to Tijuana. Phil and I both had similar images of a very tourist focused place (much like what we experienced in Thailand) but were hugely surprised that there were very few tourists. No-one really spoke English so trying to get some cash and place an order at McDonald’s wasn’t easy!

We got asked to go and see a ‘donkey’ show but politely declined. Maybe next time, or not. We also ran into a lot of Mexicans trying to sell us photos of their zebras – none of them acknowledging that their ‘zebra’ was actually a donkey with stripes painted on it.

Tomorrow we head back to Los Angeles for the Black Light Burns concert, to visit Universal Studios and to possibly see a movie at the famous Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Border Crossing