Lately I have been receiving spam from some of my friends through MSN Messenger. These have included links encouraging me to join swingers websites and enlarge the size of some organs.

If you’re also experiencing this issue, you need to let the friend sending the messages know. It’s likely that their account has been comprised and as they can still log in, they’re not even aware of the issue. As it may not be them logged in to MSN, contact them through another avenue such as email.

If you’re one of the people with an account that’s sending the messages, here’s what you need to do:

1) Change your MSN password
This is the official Windows live website. Login using your MSN details, and change your password.

When selecting your new password, don’t just use a word that’s in the dictionary. Add a number and also at least one capital letter.

2) Keep your details safe
Only enter your MSN details into the following trusted sites and programs:
– Windows live website
– Hotmail (Now Windows live)
– MSN messenger

There are 3rd parties that may ask for your MSN log in details. These may be:
– Facebook or Bebo applications
– Other messenger programs
– Other websites

I do not recommend entering your MSN details into any of these applications or websites.

Once you enter your log in details into one of the above, the people that run the program/application/website instantly have access to your account and all of your contacts.
They can then use your account to send spam.