Have just got back from a big day on Phi Phi island. We caught a ferry early in the morning and then after anchoring 100 meters or so from the shore we climbed into a little wooden boat and headed to the island.

We spent some time admiring the scenery and swimming in the ocean before heading out a few hundred metres to do some snorkeling. I’ve never snorkeled before and my swimming abilities are virtually non-existent so it was a pretty scary experience. After finally stopping myself from breathing in through my nose I managed to pluck up the courage to remove my white knuckles from the side of the boat. The water was beautifully clear and there hundreds of colourful fish swimming all around me, a truly awesome experience.

After heading back on the ferry we drove through Phuket town. Some of the poorer areas continue to amaze me although we’ve seen them several times already. One of the most fascinating sights is seeing run down old houses made of little more than brick and corrugated iron, all with a shiny late model clearly European designed vehicle parked out front. The fusion of cultures is odd.



On the topic of vehicles, I can’t believe how many scooters we’ve seen since we arrived. Scooters are definitely the main form of transportation and locals aren’t afraid to pile anything and everything they can on to them. Ice, wood, fruit, babies, whatever. The most people I’ve seen on one is 4 although 2 of those were definitely under the age of 5.

Anyway, despite my best sunscreen application efforts, I am almost more pink than Phil. I’m off to smother myself in after-sun cream. Miss you all xx

p.s. we’ve been to McDonald’s already and it was great although their mayo tastes weird. Also they deliver and have fried chicken
p.p.s i got a pedicure for $6