After a sleep in and a quick swim in the KOA pool, we hit the road again today continuing East towards Phoenix.

It was a quiet afternoon with a few stops including at a little restaurant in Palm Springs for some drinks and Tortilla chips. They had these cute outdoor seating swings that generated a nice breeze when you swung them – a welcome relief in the 40 degree heat.

As I write this we’re at another KOA RV Park, this time in Salome (aka the middle of nowhere). Seriously, there’s nothing here except desert. We did see a “Beauty Therapy” place, a while back, that appeared to also sell Mexican Food and T-shirts.

The scenery is great though, especially as it’s nothing like anything we’re seen before. There are cacti and rocky mountains for miles.

We’ve detoured slightly north rather than heading directly into Phoenix, but I’ll tell why in tomorrow’s blog post :)