We’ve arrived safely in Beijing and have spent the day wandering the city admiring the sites and sounds. The temperature is high, it’s humid and there’s a heap of smog – exactly what we expected. It’s a shame that a city with such amazing buildings is near impossible to photograph due to pollution.

We visited Tian’amen square today and were stopped by a heap of Chinese who wanted to have their photos taken with us. I think it’s because we’re just so darn good looking ; )

We also managed to find our way to the New Zealand (xinxinlan) Embassy today and pick up some tickets for tomorrow’s beach volleyball. There are still a large number of tickets available, it’s just a mission to get them as they’ve been allocated to various Embassies and Agencies. We’ve also secured tickets to the Athletics, Rowing, Basketball, Triathlon and of course the gymnastics.

We’ve got so much to see so I’m keeping to keep these posts short but frequent. Look out for us cheering on TV!