Phil and I had been considering a visit to New York for quite some time. When we heard that A Perfect Circle were reforming and going on tour we thought we’d found the perfect excuse. However, by the time we’d made the decision to go, tickets had already sold out. After having a bit of a cry, we decided our minds were made up and we were going to see them live anyway. Somehow.

We had a peek at Google Maps (neither Phil or myself were very good at Geography, thank goodness for teh interwebz) and realised that Philadelphia is actually quite close to NY – and APC tickets were still available! We managed to secure a ‘have our cake & eat it too’ trip including 4 nights in The Big Apple and 2 nights in Philly, much to the dismay of our credit card.

Like many of our blog posts, this is one written much later than the actual trip. It’s a sign that we’re having a fantastic time if we’re too busy to write, and this trip was no exception. Below are a collection of photographs that tell the story much better than my terrible writing ever could.

Toni + pizza

Times Square

Toni at the Statue of Liberty

Phil at Rockefeller Center

Man stopping to view a 9/11 memorial plaque

Toni at 30 Rock

Phil in Central Park