Phew, we’ve managed to fit a lot in over the last 24 hours! Visited the night market last night and ate some pretty interesting things including silkworms and the mandatory tourist-marketed scorpions. They were quite good actually, taste like pork crackling : ) The silk worms weren’t so nice though – a crunchy shell with a mushy inside.

Fruit at the Night Market

This morning we wandered through Ritan Park which although it had Fuwa (Olympics Mascots) on the ouside, was a peaceful retreat from the Olympic chaos. Local Chinese were participating in everything from fishing to singing to hackey sack with feather shuttlecock type things.

After Phil and Keren played hackey with a local Chinese woman, we headed to the silk market – a 5 storey building full of clothes, handbags and many chinese wanting to be my friend and give me real good price. We insulted a few with our super low offers but also managed to pick up a few bargains.

Lots more to blog about including the Temple of Heaven but I’ll save it for when I’m on a keyboard that doesn’t require me to smash the “T” to make it work. Anyway, off to drink some $1.50 beers. Hope NZ gets a medal soon!

Hacky in Ritan Park