Our time in Melbourne is coming to an end. With just over 3 weeks to go, we’re finding ourselves visiting eating establishments and doing the old “oh, I guess is the last time we’ll ever come here” spiel. We then proceed to order twice what we usually do as if it will satisfy any future cravings we have.

It’s true that food has been a major highlight – we’ve added dumplings, salmon & mascarpone pizza and several new types of beers to our favourites list. We’re both really craving a few things from Wellington though – a decent Indian curry, wholly bagels and our local Newtown bakery.

Before we leave, I’m going to try and post a few stories and photos about our time here (some might even be about things other than food!). For now, he’s my top 5 (events, things, stuff we did) for 2009:

#5 Discovering Geocaching
In the last couple of months we’ve managed to find over 40 tiny containers in places ranging from in grass in the middle of a bat colony to up a plastic chickens bum. I’ve taking a huge liking to the ‘sport’ and can’t wait to continue finding caches in NZ, Malaysia and Europe.

#4 Launching Tasman Jumper & other Freelance work
Ok this isn’t so much a Phil & Toni thing but more a “Phil having to put up with Toni’s thing” thing. TJ took up quite a bit of my time as I learnt dev skills and struggled with my painful inability to design websites.  It was an awesome moment when it finally launched.

Phil and I have also been working on freelance projects welcoming ourselves to a little bit of a ‘location independent’ lifestyle and Phil has launched his .NET blog: Phil’s Version.

#3 Concerts: Soundwave (NIN, Less than Jake), Sound Relief, Karnivool, Lady Gaga, 12 Foot Ninja, Gretchen Lewis
Awesome, awesome, awesome.

#2 Rocking around Melbourne
With such a great public transportation system in Melbourne it’s been easy for us to explore new areas. We’ve found a few favourite places/things that we’ll miss:

– The rooftop terrace at Maddam Brussels (they serve amazing cocktails in pitchers while you sit on garden furniture with blankets and hot water bottles)
– The amazing parks that are scattered everywhere and fill with friendly possums with the sun goes down. Phil’s been brave enough to stick his hand in a few possum houses while searching for caches.
– The shopping! Sadly I’ve been unable to purchase much due to the whole ‘living out of a suitcase’ thing but I’ve got a few things to remember my time here.
– Bimbo Deluxe. I can’t get over how awesome their pizzas are and after 7pm they’re only $4. Too awesome.
– Spending time with family out in Deer Park. I’m going to miss Janine’s Thai beef salad & smoked trout!

#1 Our trip back home

We didn’t plan on returning to NZ until Christmas as we were only going to be in Melbourne for 6 months. As it turned out we decided to stay here for the full year so a June trip back home was great timing. We had a great time seeing friends and family and Phil proposing was definitely the highlight ;)