The job-world is changing. No longer do we accept the 9-5 working week as a fact and neither should we.

Working parents want to achieve their career goals but don’t want to miss their kid’s childhoods, students have realised a degree is not quite the ticket to an instant career they thought… And we have a whole workforce of highly skilled professionals in their 50’s and 60’s wanting to spend less time in the office but not ready to retire. Professionals in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s are wondering if the flexibility of a 4 day work week outweighs an extra day’s pay cheque…

Meantime, many businesses would love to have specialists and experts on their teams, but most have a false impression that such professionals are only interested in full-time roles.

The recruitment industry hasn’t recognised this new world of flexible and part time jobs. So that’s where we come in.