So we’re in our last days now, hanging out in San Francisco. We’re both still pretty tired from our time in Las Vegas, we had quite a few late nights there. I’m not quite sure how much money I pushed into slot machines, but I’m definitely not going near one again for a long time.

I played in a poker tournament while I was there (about $90 NZD buy in) and got knocked out pretty early on by thinking I had better cards then I really did, a pretty amateur mistake, and I was doing pretty well up until then, oh well…

We’re trying to get a little Christmas shopping done here before we fly back to NZ tomorrow evening, we leave at 7pm on the 25th and arrive in NZ at 5am on the 27th (long flight, got to love crossing the international date line) so I might see some of ya’ll later next week.


The Onion rules