It’s our last half day here, before we start our long journey home. We haven’t really done a hell of a lot in the last couple of days, Toni has a stomach flu of some form which has made the last little while most unpleasant for her, but did give me time to read The Da Vinci Code.

One thing we did do was go and see the FantaSea show, which was pretty impressive. It’s a huge stage show, with acrobats, dancers, magicians, elephants, goats, chickens and a whole bunch of other crazy stuff. The magicians weren’t too impressive, it wasn’t too hard to figure out how they cut the lady in half, or that the people ‘randomly’ pulled from the audience were in on the trick.

FantaSea Map

Fountain at FantaSea








The only other thing we’ve been doing is hanging out at Patong beach, walking up and down it’s crowded main roads, jumping over crabs and dead fish on the beach, doing my best to avoid the tailors and drinking cheep beer at the Australian themed bars.

Any how, I’m going to enjoy the last couple of hours we have here before flying / waiting in airports for over 24 hours.


Emo Phil on emo Patong beach