We arrived in Langkawi on Monday afternoon, after checking into our hotel, which is located in the main town of Kuah, we had a chance to browse around some of the local shops.

A lot of the shops were selling what you’d expect from a tropical island – shirts, towels, swimwear, but Langkawi is also duty-free so many of the shops are also selling super cheap chocolate and alcohol. Unfortunately we’re already over our 20kg weight allowance for our flights so could only buy what we can consume here.

On Tuesday we travelled to the main beach Cenang which is a large, beautiful beach and also the location of the majority of bars, restaurants and tourist attractions. We headed for Underwater World first which is mostly an aquarium though it houses some birds too.

Toni & Fish at Underwater World

Another Seahorse

Underwater World was much larger than I had expected and had a very large range of animals including seals, penguins, flamingos, sharks, turtles, sea horses and a large range of fish.

After lunch we stumbled across a four hour, three island tour. All we were told about the first island was that there’s a large fresh water lake there. While the lake was impressive, we were surprised by the large monkey population that lived on the island. The monkeys were all very friendly, though a little reluctant to pose in a photo with us, we did manage to get a couple of good snaps.

The second island was the eagle feeding. The boat stopped in a bay, about 50 meters from the shore and the boat driver threw some fish bits in the the ocean. The eagles must have been watching from the shore line and about 30 swooped out to get their free snack. They aren’t the biggest birds I’ve seen, but I was still impressed.

The last island was a chance to relax on the beach and get in the water. There was a film crew when we arrived that looked like they were filming a tourism commercial, though they didn’t stay long. We managed to enjoy the warm water for half an hour or so before we had to head back to the main island.

Our plans are still more or less open for the next couple of days, though geocaching and massages are definitely on the cards.


Eagle feeding at Singa Besar Island