After spending Christmas and New Years in New Zealand, we’ve started our journey to London. Since it’s such a long trip, we’ve decided to stop off at a few places along the way.

First stop has been Kuala Lumper where we are currently in day 2 of a 3 day stay. We spent yesterday exploring the area around our hotel and getting over our jet lag. Today, we set out to see some of the sights.

We soon found while travelling on foot that the maps we have are wildly inaccurate and that looking at them instead of the road is not a wise idea. Crossing the street should probably be a sport here – there’s crossings where the only way cars will stop is if you’re already half way across the road which takes a great deal of stupidity courage really. With a bit of help from the monorail, we made it to the Central Market for a spot of shopping. Phil bought a rad umbrella and we came across this strange NZ beef notebook.

NZ Beef Notebook

Kuala Lumpur Central Market

The highlight of our afternoon was the Kuala Lumpur Butterfly park – home to over 6000 butterflies. I was worried that they would be enclosed in a small area and it would be more tragic than beautiful but was pleasantly surprised. The area was very well spaced out and housed a large number of native plants as well as several families of turtles.

Toni & turtles in KL butterfly park

Phil with butterfly in KL

That’s all my posting for now. I’m tired from traffic dodging and somewhere out there there’s some dinner with my name on it.  If you’re interested, you can subscribe to our blog feed for future posts or check out our photos on Flickr.

Toni & Phil :)