The following is a collection of notes made in my iPhone during our trip to Venice, April 2011.

It’s natural to compare each new place you visit to those you’ve been in the past. Venice however, has me stumped as it’s nothing like anywhere I’ve ever been.

It’s not just the famous canals that make it feel so different, it’s the thin laneways that make up the city. It’s difficult to get truly lost here – each lane usually connects directly onto another and if there is an intersection, you usually only have 2 choices. That said, we did manage to find ourselves a few dead-ends.

Canal in Venice

A view of venice from above












♥ It feels somewhat like a theme park – pre-defined ares for exploring that are lined with stores. The buildings that you can’t enter in theme parks: maintenance, storage and the such, are actual peoples homes here with their freshly cleaned whites hanging on a line from their balcony on display.

♥ My curiosity at all the new foods got the better of me and I ate a bite of this green thing. It was disgusting.

♥ We took a 40 minute gondola ride – no trip to Venice is complete without one. Our driver offered the busier route or a more quiet one as the sun was going down and it was his last trip of the day. We opted for quieter option and were not disappointed. The interior of the gondola was quite plush – had the views up the thin canals not been so captivating I could have easily drifted off to sleep.



♥ It was as I admired the view from the top of the bell tower that I came to realise Venice is the most beautiful city I have ever seen. I don’t mind how touristy it has become.

♥ Someone Steve has spoken to described the buildings as being in a state of “graceful decay” – which I think it’s a beautifully accurate way to describe Venice.

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