We’re back in LA! It’s been 7 years since our last visit and little has changed here – but a lot has changed with us. We’re different travellers now, we see things differently and I feel so privileged to be able to return to this exciting place.

We have a car this time, it’s a cute little green Ford – I’m torn between calling it “The Bug”, “The Green Machine” or the “Little Snotball”. I’m sure one of the 3 names will speak to me in time.

Anyway, we started off today by driving to the Farmers Market at The Grove for a quick breakfast and nosey around. Then it was off to Santa Monica Pier and Venice beach – a part of town we weren’t able to see last time. The boardwalk at Venice beach was lots of fun and I managed to get some custom made vans (Dopefish rules!).



We walked in the sand and had a play on some of the random pieces of gymnastics equipment. This awkward looking photo below is for my gymnasts to whom I’ve promised to take a photo “doing a gymnastics move” in every state we visit. Stay tuned for handstands and cartwheels.