Food at the events here has been absolutely terrible. You can’t take food into the venue, so there’s no way to avoid it. The queues are long, the staff slow (and don’t speak English – mind you, hardly anyone does but that’s another blog post) and the selection really bad. At most events we will queue for at least 20 minutes and the best thing to eat is a Coke and a Snickers bar. At the Rowing they were selling microwave popcorn and only had one microwave!

Outside of the events we’ve had some great food. After getting soaked at the Rowing we made our way to a restaurant and had hot pot. We each got a pot on our table filled with soup of our choice. That would sit boiling on a burner and we would dunk in veges and meat to cook as we ate. Great food and a heap of fun.

Last night we ate the ‘must try’ Beijing duck. Eeek my internet time is about to run out so I’ll blog about how awesome that was later : )

Outside the Duck Restaurant

Phil and Toni eating duck