We’re back. Back to the rat race. Back to the daily horror of the tube and sky-high rent. Back to London.

With the Royal Wedding being made into a public holiday and being so close to Easter, we found ourselves with a 10 day time period that only required 3 days off work. Jumping at the chance to get away from the Will & Kate chaos in London, Phil, Steve and myself planned a whirlwind 3 country + 5 city trip.

I tried to spend as little time online as possible which meant that we didn’t blog in real-time. However, I did manage to write a few notes in my iPhone – usually on trips to the laundromat. The following posts will be a mash-up of those notes & my memories from a fantastic trip that seems so long ago already.

Prague, Czech Republic
Milan, Italy
Rome, Italy
Venice, Italy
Barcelona, Spain