A blog post. For our friends, family, and future selves.

London, it’s been a fabulous two years but it’s time to say goodbye. It’s not you, it’s us. And UK border control.

Truth be told, we’ve had a few opportunities to stay here longer but we’re looking forward to heading home. Our intention was always to return to New Zealand after our two year visas expired and it seems that time has flown by.

Living in London has allowed us to work at and visit some of the
coolest places in the Northen Hemisphere; squeezing in holidays
at every opportunity. Our travels have taken us to France, Italy,
Belgium, Greece, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, and to the USA.

We’ve climbed the Eiffel tower in Paris, eaten Pizza in Rome,
cruised the canals in Venice, strolled along the beach in Barcelona
and downed a few steins in Munich.

As web geeks, we’ve been in great company
over here and have been privileged to see
some of the people at the top of our fields
speak at conferences and networking
events. We’ll return to New Zealand with
fresh ideas & inspiration ready to immerse
ourselves into the Wellington web community.

The past two years have been a sad time to be away from
home. We were here during the Pike River disaster, the
Christchurch Earthquakes and the (then much needed) joy of the Rugby World Cup. We quickly found however, that the Kiwi community in London is strong – both in good times and bad. We attendend the memorial service for the victims of the Christchurch Earthquake, and participated in the famous Waitangi Day Circle Line pub crawl.

We’d like to thank some people for helping make our time in London so memorable. Firstly, to the people that immediately hired us: BBC Worldwide and Orbus, thank you. Without the support of our employers and colleagues we would have struggled to get ourselves settled. Thank you also to everyone that has hired us for freelance work.

Thank you to our amazing friends
who have downed many a pint
with us over the past 2 years.
Fiona, Jason T, Karl, Wen, Abby,
Annie, Jason V, Jono & Sandy. And
of course Steve who has been a
fantastic friend and flatmate.

Thank you London. Until next time,