Most of today was spent on the bus from Berlin to Prague, via Dresden. I was worried that so much time on a bus would become tedious but as it’s around 0-2° in most places, the warmth of the bus is a welcome relief.


The stop in Dresden was odd as it appeared the only people in the town were on our Contiki tour! I guess everywhere is just much quieter during winter. The stop was short and before long we were in Prague.

After a quick freshen up we headed out for our Prague welcome dinner and then far too many drinks for me to continue writing this post.


After a hard night out, we decided it best to sleep off our hangovers and skip the walking tour. It should probably be noted at this point that Contiki has certainly lived up to it’s heavy drinking reputation – providing free booze with every included dinner.

It’s been 6 months since we were last in Prague so the sites on the tour are still fresh in our memories. We decided instead to take the tram and meet up with the rest of the tour for our lunchtime boat cruise and then on to a spot of shopping.