Today was our last full day in Prague. Determined to find a geocache after failing miserably last time we visited, we decided to head off to the John Lennon wall.

The wall is an odd attraction. Lennon was never at the site where it stands, in fact he never actually visited Prague at all. The wall came to be known because of what the grafitti painting of Lennon’s face represented: the values of peace and unity. Today the original artwork is long gone but the wall is covered in bright coloured messages of Love, Peace and Beatle’s lyrics.

After admiring the wall, leaving our mark, and finding the well-concealed cache, we set out for a wander around what felt like a very different Prague the city we visited back in April. As it’s now winter, the temperatures are below zero and the tourists are few. It’s nice to feel like we have the city to ourselves, but boy is it cold.