The tour so far has been very sobering as we’ve been learning about the suffering many people experienced in Berlin during the World Wars and particularly during the National Socialist period.

Today Contiki had arranged a morning walking tour with an English speaking guide. He took us past several sites we’d already seen but then on to a few that we were unlikely to have found ourselves. The highlights were: the location of Hitler’s bunker where he died (disappointingly it has been destroyed and is now just a carpark), the Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate), and of course the last remaining piece of the Berlin wall.

Berlin Wall information

We stumbled across a winter market serving German style mulled wine and an array of snacks. I tried Kartoffelpuffer which is essentially fried potato cakes smoothered in apple sauce.

The market had a artificial hill for inner-tube rides so we had to give that a go despite freezing our pants off already. It was a heap of fun but sadly we were sliding too fast for any decent photos.