After an early start on Saturday, we said our goodbyes to London and departed Heathrow for Berlin.

We checked into The Grand Hotel and after settling in, went down to the function room to meet up with our tour group. Our guide, JB, gave us the low down on how the tour would work and explained the optional activities for the next couple of days in Berlin. They included a walking tour and a pub crawl – both of which we’ve opted to do so watch this space.

Afterwards we went out for dinner – a great chance to meet & mingle with the 48 other people in the group. Phil and I stuck to standard meals & beer while Steve went experimental and tried the ‘Beer with Banana Juice’. It looked like a smoothie but wasn’t half bad!

Tomorrow we’re departing the hotel at 9am to visit the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp which we’re expecting to be quite a sobering experience.