Often when I don’t have access to Visual Studio, I use Notepad++ to edit code – particularly HTML and CSS files.

Today I found a fantastic plugin called ‘Compare’ that allows me to compare the differences between two files in Notepad++ without having to use an external program.

This can be downloaded here: Download Notepad++ Compare Plugin

Compare Screenshot

If you’re looking to download Notepad++ (it’s free!), you can visit their website here:

It’s a great tool that loads quickly and is infinitely better than using regular old MS Notepad!

Edit: Thanks for the comments about installation. I should add:

To install the plugin, download the file, unzip and copy the .dll into the Notepad++ Plugins folder.

To use, simply open the two files you wish to compare, click Plugins > Compare > Compare. The differences between the two files will then be highlighted. Note: You may need to close Notepad++ and reopen it before the menu option will appear.