P8140268As you may have heard, the rowing on Thursday was postponed due to rain, thunder and lightening. We travelled for 2 hours, sat in the rain for 2 and then got the news that they had decided to postpone the event. Then it got worse. For one reason or another, when we (and thousands of others) exited the venue, there were no buses waiting. [It is important to note here that there were no other ways back to the city]. The Chinese don’t like to queue so the line-like formation soon turned into a ‘every man for himself’ pushing festival. When a bus arrived and opened it’s doors, the crowd would rush forward – squishing Chinese up against the side of the bus. We managed to push our way though eventually (it helps that we’re the same height as everyone else over here) although we had to spend the 1 1/2 hour bus ride back standing up. Oh, and did I mention that we were absolutely saturated?

I could rant for ages about how poorly prepared the organisers were but I won’t as we revisted the rowing the next day and it went really well. We had a beautiful sunny day (blue sky even!) and NZ won their heat on the final race of the day.