It seems since arriving in London I’ve dropped off the grid a little bit. I was lucky to land a role at the BBC while in transit so have been working pretty solidly since.

Today I’m excited to be able to announce what it is I’ve been doing, as the relaunch of CBeebies goes live. The site, is an underwater themed website for children aged 0-6. It’s available in 5 regions and 3 languages – English, Polish and Spanish.

The redevelopment has been a joint project between BBCWW and London agency Airlock. The site is built using the amazing Symphony CMS and uses a bunch of cool stuff like Geo IP redirecting and some kick-ass CSS.

Since February I’ve been involved in the development of project scope and design feedback. More recently I’ve been re-purposing Flash & HTML content for inclusion into the CMS.

A massive thanks goes out to Airlock and everyone involved in this project.