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Contiki Day 7: Prague to Vienna

As most of today was spent on the bus traveling Vienna I wasn't planning on writing a blog post. However, we stopped off at the Sedlec Ossuary and it was just way too crazy to not post a couple of photos...

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Contiki: Day 6 Prague

Today was our last full day in Prague. Determined to find a geocache after failing miserably last time we visited, we decided to head off to the John Lennon wall. The wall is an odd attraction. Lennon was never at the site where it stands, in fact he never actually visited Prague at all. The [...]

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Contiki: Days 4 & 5. Berlin -> Prague

Most of today was spent on the bus from Berlin to Prague, via Dresden. I was worried that so much time on a bus would become tedious but as it's around 0-2° in most places, the warmth of the bus is a welcome relief. The stop in Dresden was odd as it appeared the only [...]

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Short notes from Prague, Czech Republic

The following is a collection of notes made in my iPhone during our trip to Prague, April 2011. Prague was our first stop on a whirlwind trip to Czech Republic, Italy and Spain. We knew we only had a small amount of time so tried to cram as much in as possible. ♥ The city [...]

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Easter, The Royal Wedding, and the rush to Escape London

We're back. Back to the rat race. Back to the daily horror of the tube and sky-high rent. Back to London. With the Royal Wedding being made into a public holiday and being so close to Easter, we found ourselves with a 10 day time period that only required 3 days off work. Jumping at [...]

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