Post Expiry

Post Expiry is a simple Wordpress plugin that allows you to set a category to move your post into at a specified date. It was initially created for use on Best Competitions to move competitions that had finished into the 'Previous Competitions category'. read more...

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WAMP not working

This conflict has already been well documented but if you don't know that Skype is the culprit, it's pretty hard to find in a Google Search. I've decided to post here and include a few key words that might help some people trying to search out the answer. The WAMP taskbar icon on my machine [...]

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Backpacking Journalist

I've just finished a custom Wordpress theme for Chloe, Backpacking Journalist. Chloe was flexible in her requirements which gave me the opportunity to play with some new CSS3 features - adding text shadows and a few rounded corners. The logo uses the wonderful Lobster font and the theme was created from the WP Candy base [...]

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6 Essential WordPress Plugins

I've got a few sites running on Wordpress now and use most of the same plugins. Here are the plugins I consider the 'base plugins' for every blog I start: 1. Google XML Sitemaps What it does: Generates an xml sitemap and submits it to Ask.com, Google, Bing and Yahoo. Why you should use it: [...]

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