Improving the speed of your Drupal website

If you're reading this post, you're probably a Drupal developer with a website that's about as speedy as a child eating brussel sprouts. If you were not the original developer on the project, finding the cause of your performance issues can be tricky. Here are a few things you can do to get your website running faster.

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WAMP not working

This conflict has already been well documented but if you don't know that Skype is the culprit, it's pretty hard to find in a Google Search. I've decided to post here and include a few key words that might help some people trying to search out the answer. The WAMP taskbar icon on my machine [...]

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Changing Simplenews to Export Subscribers to CSV in PHP

I'm currently using the Simplenews Drupal module for creating and sending newsletters. My client requested that the subscriber export function be changed to export all subscriber details to CSV. As the export option already retrieves all subscriber emails and generates a comma seperated string, exporting to CSV only requires a few extra lines of php. [...]

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Drupal update.php returning blank page

I recently upgraded Drupal to version 6.14 and went to run the database update as the instructions stated. When clicking the link, update.php only showed a blank page. This is because errors on this page are hidden by default. In order to diagnose your problem, you'll need to edit update.php and change the following line: [...]

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Configuring Drupal cron jobs in Parallels

If you're using Drupal, you should set cron to run automatically through your web host. I'm using Open Host for one of the New Zealand based websites I do work on - who run Parallels for their clients to make hosting set up changes. If you're using this system, here's what you need to do [...]

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