Inspired by a friends blog, I’ve decided to post my goals for 2015. I have a diary where these are already documented in 3 sections: Short Term, Medium Term & Dreams. Posting on my blog however, is a good way to give myself a bit of accountability and it’ll also give me a chance to properly celebrate reaching goals, as I’m a shocker for constantly moving my personal goal posts.

Before I post these however, I think it’s important to acknowledge the things that were awesome about 2014, and the goals I have already achieved in this past year. If you’ve read anything on my blog before, it was probably that awkwardly-unfortunately-semi-viral post about how I was having a tough time. It’s true: in many, many ways, 2014 was a turd sandwich. But it wasn’t all bad, I managed to tick a lot of things off the ol’ bucket list and am still alive and kicking with exciting things to look forward to in 2015. So let’s get started on the list:

1. Moved Beauty Bliss into an office

While this technically started at the tail end of 2013, we really got settled in January 2014. It’s been fantastic to be out of my house and has allowed me to welcome new staff and provide a pick up location for customers.

2. Became a Gymnastics Judge and Coach

Gym allows me to unplug from my busy geek & makeup life, and the kids challenge me in ways my businesses never will. While I’m going to wind down my coaching in 2015, I absolutely love judging and look forward to continuing my training so that I can judge higher levels.

3. Launched Limber Jobs

It’s been great to be part of a team with Natalie and Jim, and Limber has so much potential. 2015 is going to be a great year for us as we push to make the site bigger and better.

4. Road-tripped around America

Phil and I spent a whirlwind 20 days in the West & Southwest of the USA. Our 4 days in an RV driving from LA to Phoenix (via the Cacedeus cellars in Jerome, AZ) were a particular highlight.

5. Started my own Cosmetics Company

I softly launched Carousel Cosmetics in July, with a range of 6 lipsticks sold exclusively though Beauty Bliss. I now have a range of brushes and 3 other lines in the works. It’s a work in progress but I see 2015 being a big growth year for Carousel.

6. Hosted Wordcamp Welly

I organized and hosted Wordcamp Welly at the Sustainability Trust. Feedback was great and there is a lot of interest in doing this again in 2015. I also got to meet & have a beer with Matt Mullenweg who founded WordPress.

7. Spoke at WDCNZ

This was insanely scary, particularly as my life has somehow ended up being more about cosmetics than code of late. I’m glad I put myself out of my comfort zone and gave this a go.




Other awesome things that I don’t have time to talk about: QotSA & NIN, Tom & Catherine’s Wedding, The Colour Run, Hosted Sorbet Cosmetics Event, Beauty Bliss Pop Up at J’ville Mall, Beauty Bliss Pop Up at Left Bank.