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How to disable ViewState in web.config

ViewState is enabled by default in ASP.NET projects. If you're not going to use it, you can disable it site-wide in web.config. To do this, enter the following into your web.config file: <pages enableViewState="false"> </pages> If you already have a <pages> tag,  just add enableViewState to the end like this: <pages validateRequest="false" enableViewState="false"> </pages>

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How to enable MMS in iPhone with 3 mobile

I recently updated my 3G iPhone to use the 3.0 firmware. In doing this I knew that MMS would become available but I'd need to change a few network related settings. This turned out to be a nightmare due to my network not providing any information on how to do this. So if you're with [...]

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Compare plugin for Notepad++

Often when I don't have access to Visual Studio, I use Notepad++ to edit code - particularly HTML and CSS files. Today I found a fantastic plugin called 'Compare' that allows me to compare the differences between two files in Notepad++ without having to use an external program. This can be downloaded here: Download Notepad++ [...]

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