Last Day In Thailand

It's our last half day here, before we start our long journey home. We haven't really done a hell of a lot in the last couple of days, Toni has a stomach flu of some form which has made the last little while most unpleasant for her, but did give me time to read The [...]

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Phi Phi

Have just got back from a big day on Phi Phi island. We caught a ferry early in the morning and then after anchoring 100 meters or so from the shore we climbed into a little wooden boat and headed to the island. We spent some time admiring the scenery and swimming in the ocean [...]

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Shirts, Metallica and Monkeys

A typical conversation I've had on Patong beach: Guy in a nice shirt: Hi Phil: No Guy: Where you from? Phil: New Zealand Guy: Oh! Kia ora! Phil: Um, yeah, kia ora. Guy: Want a nice suit? Phil: No Guy: I give you very good price Phil: No ... And so on and so on. [...]

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Today we ventured via tuk tuk into Patong - the main tourist beach in Phuket. Our resort is further south next to Karon beach which is a significantly less developed area. Walking around Pantong it was nice to be surrounded by tourists, as we got a chance to share some of the street vendor harrasment. [...]

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We made it

After 13 hours 45 minutes of flying, the hang-over finally wore off (thanks to all those who dragged me out to the karaoke) and we arrived in tropical but very damp Bangkok. Thirty degrees Celsius, extremely humid and there's this weird sweet smell in the air which I can only guess is some from the [...]

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