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Second to last day!

Wow! The time's flown by so quickly, it doesn't really feel like we've been here 9 days! Though I am looking forward to coming home to clean air, food, bedding, clothes, etc. But not so much the temperature (8°C in Wellington today I see.) We went to the gymnastics last night (apparatus finals for mens [...]

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Food at the events here has been absolutely terrible. You can't take food into the venue, so there's no way to avoid it. The queues are long, the staff slow (and don't speak English - mind you, hardly anyone does but that's another blog post) and the selection really bad. At most events we will [...]

By | August 16th, 2008|China|2 Comments

Chinese mosh pit

As you may have heard, the rowing on Thursday was postponed due to rain, thunder and lightening. We travelled for 2 hours, sat in the rain for 2 and then got the news that they had decided to postpone the event. Then it got worse. For one reason or another, when we (and thousands of [...]

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Forbidden City

Today we visited the Forbidden City, which is essentially a huge palace area (about 1km square.) That place is amazing! All of the buildings are all so beautifully detailed and the court yards amazingly grand, I've seen nothing like it before. I took many photos while I was there (around 100 or so,) which meant [...]

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Mmmm silkworms

Phew, we've managed to fit a lot in over the last 24 hours! Visited the night market last night and ate some pretty interesting things including silkworms and the mandatory tourist-marketed scorpions. They were quite good actually, taste like pork crackling : ) The silk worms weren't so nice though - a crunchy shell with [...]

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Beijing Olympics: Day 2

It's getting towards the end of our second day in Beijing today, but damn it feels like we've done a lot! This morning we woke up bright and early at 6:30am (10:30am NZ time,) ate our free hostel breakfast (which consisted of dry bread, scrambled egg type stuff and something that quite closely resembled bacon,) [...]

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Ni hao!

We've arrived safely in Beijing and have spent the day wandering the city admiring the sites and sounds. The temperature is high, it's humid and there's a heap of smog - exactly what we expected. It's a shame that a city with such amazing buildings is near impossible to photograph due to pollution. We visited [...]

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We're back home in Wellington now. Had the most awesome time although it feels like it raced by so quickly. Thanks everyone for your comments, can't wait to catch up with you all over the next couple of weeks. Toni and Phil

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Last Days

So we're in our last days now, hanging out in San Francisco. We're both still pretty tired from our time in Las Vegas, we had quite a few late nights there. I'm not quite sure how much money I pushed into slot machines, but I'm definitely not going near one again for a long time. [...]

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Vegas is awesome!

We're having too good a time to post on here, sorry! Have decided to extend our stay from 3 nights to 4 so that we have a chance to see everything. Also, staying an extra night to avoid travelling on Thanksgiving appears to be a good idea.

By | November 21st, 2007|America|4 Comments