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Find that Robot!

Last night Philip and I released our new pet project "Find that Robot". It's a small online maps game where the goal is to find the little robot figure at various movie locations around the world. It's been a fun project to work on giving us a chance to play with new technology - the [...]

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Flip, flip, Flipadelphia!

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New York, New York!

Phil and I had been considering a visit to New York for quite some time. When we heard that A Perfect Circle were reforming and going on tour we thought we'd found the perfect excuse. However, by the time we'd made the decision to go, tickets had already sold out. After having a bit of [...]

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Barcelona in Photos


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Short notes from Prague, Czech Republic

The following is a collection of notes made in my iPhone during our trip to Prague, April 2011. Prague was our first stop on a whirlwind trip to Czech Republic, Italy and Spain. We knew we only had a small amount of time so tried to cram as much in as possible. ♥ The city [...]

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I love Venice

The following is a collection of notes made in my iPhone during our trip to Venice, April 2011. It's natural to compare each new place you visit to those you've been in the past. Venice however, has me stumped as it's nothing like anywhere I've ever been. It's not just the famous canals that make [...]

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Easter, The Royal Wedding, and the rush to Escape London

We're back. Back to the rat race. Back to the daily horror of the tube and sky-high rent. Back to London. With the Royal Wedding being made into a public holiday and being so close to Easter, we found ourselves with a 10 day time period that only required 3 days off work. Jumping at [...]

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Fixing your HTML email layout on iPhone and iPad

Finding that your html layouts are fine in all clients except on your iPhone? This may be due to text size. The iPhone and iPad mail client only display text at 13px or higher. If you have specified a lower value than this, the text will be displayed at 13px. It seems that [...]

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Should you hire a Social Media Expert that doesn’t use social media?

Back when I was at university I was very disappointed to be turned down for a barista job at a well known Wellington cafe, based on the fact that I didn't drink coffee. I'd had 2 years experience making the stuff as well as having attended a couple of training sessions and thought that I [...]

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Improving the speed of your Drupal website

If you're reading this post, you're probably a Drupal developer with a website that's about as speedy as a child eating brussel sprouts. If you were not the original developer on the project, finding the cause of your performance issues can be tricky. Here are a few things you can do to get your website running faster.

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